The vision

The Copper house will operate as an international Art and Community center which fosters Reconciliation, Peace and will promote “Keruv Levavot”- Joining hearts through the Arts.

The copper house will include:

1. The artist-in-residence program

A unique professional guest’s house for Artists, musicians, writers and scholars from around the world who will be invited to create in the city of Safed with its unique spiritual environment and rich historical traditions. Safed is situated on the pole axis of diverse subjects and aspects: religiosity and secularism, Ashkenazi and Sephardic traditions, Kabbalah and globalism, East and West, geography and history of the struggled relations between Jews and Arabs and in a deep sense this complex texture can both nurture artistic creativity and foster social engagement.

While staying and creating at the Copper house, the artists will be encouraged to engage in community work and social activities contributing to cultural events that will take place during their stay. Those activities will be directed both towards professionals in the specific artistic crafts and disciplines and also towards needy populations and sectors that will enjoy enrichment through specific programs and workshops.

2. The Copper museum

The Polish Jewish Metaloplasic museum in the Copper House will hold a permanent exhibition dedicated to the Polish Jewish Metaloplastic group of artists who worked in copper. Merzer’s work and story will be told along with biographic and artistic portraits of all the artists belonging to that group who did not survive the Holocaust. A professional library of Yiddish and Polish rare books will be located in the space alongside a video spot that will screen documentaries, Art and Yiddish films. The museum will host groups of educational delegations before their trips to Poland and will be open to anyone who wants to obtain a cultural background on the prewar rich Jewish Polish cultural and artistic scene.

The museum will also host academics and will be engaged in the research of issues connected to Safed’s history and art, Jewish art and Polish Jewish heritage.

The museum will maintain academic connections with universities, research institutes and museums such as the new Jewish museum in Warsaw and other institutions that share mutual goals.

3. The contemporary gallery

 The Golden Peacock contemporary gallery will be a vivid space for contemporary art and will also serve as a space for the Guest artists of the Copper House who will display their art created during their stay.