We are looking for support

The Merzer house, gallery and museum space need renovation. The site for the copper house is located opposite the Merzer house and is connected by a Courtyard with a well and grapevines. There is an opportunity to expand the community space buy acquiring the neighboring property.

Technical information concerning the property and the matching support needed for establishment of the Copper house project will be delivered on request.

The idea is to combine the historical building with a modern structure that will reflect the qualities of copper in various ways in a unique architecture that will echo the vision of the project.

Copper, with its flexible and eternal qualities reflects the idea of freedom and peace- between people and communities, between the global and the local, between the historical layers, of past and present- a structure that will try to encapsulate memory in a living and most vivid environment for creation and sharing ideas and visions for the community and for world heritage.